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To gradually become larger pattern

Thursday on July 2nd, 2020Other

These days in this blog above spent a lot of time, had not engaged in IT toss up who is more time consuming, although that is an understatement: https enabled, but need to invest a lot of energy, and I can ask what cooperation programmers to help me get down, but finally get himself a hands-on person, time-consuming problems is relatively long: because of the change of Ali cloud the new server environment is also a new build, build, when there is not much attention, then there is no installation enable multi-version php, had been entangled is that the certificate is not installed properly, or is the reason that refresh the cache, it is time to come back after a successful visit https URL https access though, but still gray, not green. Experience various experiments, and later still to read the next FAQ birds brother above, a little clear thinking, and finally thanks to 360 speed browser development model reminds me that the problem of mixed content, the chain elements and URLs will call one by one the update addresses the final green https, the mood is good.

During this period, the query ssl when accidentally broke into a big cow "Ruan Yifeng" log inside, there is a kind of intimacy that name, it is probably 10 years ago saw his diary personal website. 10 years, the site remains evergreen, decisive included, additional follow it looked two Friends of the chain, a stroll around left a message about her. When reporting to the leadership yesterday, TG boss say some of their suggestions and ideas, but also concerned about doing the test equipment design, so better learn a lot, and he suggested that I should now during the proxy to the brothers more and ideas and suggestions. In fact, that there is no wrong, the boss did not say anything. Also record a little, more comprehensive and more reasonable in Satin chrome and satin spraying program to see these two things, regardless of differences in the final results, the boss is still obvious consideration, which is more wisdom on management.

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