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Good things recommend light extravagant floor lamps

Friday on December 13th, 2019Life

the first item bought by double Twelve has arrived-light extravagant floor lamp

price "119 yuan"

feels good. In fact, this lamp is bought to match the new house, but the address is filled in here, so, um, just use it here and replace the original living room floor lamp.

the whole lamp body is black, which is composed of base + lamp pole + lamp holder + lamp cap, and the assembly is also quite simple.

Last year, I liked the style of Ikea in northern Europe, but this year it is a popular series of light extravagance. What is light extravagance is, I understand, cool colors that collide with ferrous metals.

I accidentally found this lamp on Taobao. I was also going to buy a lamp, so I saw that the price was right, and the comments were good. I mainly looked at the reviews. Generally, I read most of the comments. You can basically see that the quality of this product is seven, seven, eight, eight, seven, seven, eight, of course, it is essential to look at the evaluation map, and the physical map is real.

the lamp quality is good, the lamp pole is metal frosted paint black, the feel is very good, the vision is also textured, it is divided into three sections, except for the base lamp pole, the connection of other lamp poles is fixed by nuts, and the height can be adjusted freely; the lamp holder is also more sincere, E27 general lamp holder, the main thing is that it can be tilted at any angle before and after, which is suitable for modeling according to the scene. The base is also very interesting, the page uplink introduction is the marble base, it is indeed the kind of shading, the bottom anti-skid design, this is not important, the important thing is good-looking, and the weight is full, do not have to worry about the lamp tipping problem; finally, there is the problem of the lamp line, through the center lamp line, cross the line from the lamp pole, connected to the bottom seat, this advantage is that the vision of the whole lamp main body is very unified, will not be disturbed by the line of sight.

the package comes with a light bulb, but I don't use it. Instead, I use Philips's Mijia series light bulbs, which can be used for self-energy home.

the picture above, look at the effect, turn off the main light, turn on the downlight, the light is not very good, but the Nordic style home decoration will also be able to match this lamp, modern style and light extravagance series are more suitable.

this is the previous floor lamp, which matches the style of the whole furniture. The combination of log color and white is just a little stingy.

finally, an elder went to Guizhou to run errands yesterday and brought me this today. Friends in Sichuan should know what it is. Friends in other places, do you know what it is? heh.

this is the first time for me to eat this this year. Brush some oil in the pan, fry it, eat it with honey or sugar, Bashi!

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