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Thursday on April 9th, 2020Life

but another week has passed, and time always flies. From the epidemic at the beginning of the year to the gradual resumption of production now, the days are in the state of clocking in at work and taking care of children after work. Yesterday, Eva followed Grandma and Grandpa back to live with his mother for a period of time, so he made time for himself after work.

I can't sleep tonight. Maybe it's insomnia. When I don't have a baby, life seems to be a little unaccustomed. I used to wash my baby's butt after 8: 00 p. M., then eat milk, and finally play with the baby in bed for a while. He began to sleep. He has formed the habit of sleeping with the child after 9 o'clock, but he can't sleep tonight and gets up. Open the notebook that has not been opened for a long time with the baby, it is good that the power of the notebook is still 78%, which has not been used for almost a month. I don't know how much electricity was when I used it for the last time. I feel that the electricity is really useful, and now the super book.

Open the blog that has not been logged in for a week, and browse all the bloggers in Youlian in turn. It seems that everyone has stopped the blog. Many people's update date is still in March, and even they themselves are updated a little less. Perhaps it is the beginning of the recovery of life, so that everyone begins to be busy. What they like most is to see what trivial things in life are recorded, recording the fireworks in the world, and proving that life is not easy. But live a free and easy life!

while there are some bloggers whose sites are not open. I don't know why. I hope they can come back. Youlian will not withdraw for the time being and keep it for them. As soon as I went to the blog, I saw that a friend said that writing a blog had become a toss-up blog function. The original intention seemed to be different. Seeing here, I also lamented that when I first came into contact with a personal blog, at that time, I also used WP, to change the topic once a day. In the end, I didn't even know how to toss about it. I very much understood that feeling. Maybe, This is why my blog is no longer so keen to toss around the function, more want to record their own life, and then in the future when I read the blog, I will be able to smile, it turns out that I have so many stories.

it's 1:03, and I'm not sleepy yet. Zeng Yike's "most Angel" is playing in the stereo. I suddenly feel very nice, though slightly sad: "I love you most when your Acacia comes from afar. It's easiest to think of the hardest to forget, the most want, the most afraid of loss, the initial companionship, the last need, the farthest distance from the nearest heartbeat." I miss my family.

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