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MD, thieves these days are really strong!!

Monday on April 3rd, 2006Life

from a strong article on Tianya, NB.


for the first time, I came home from the night shift. It was very late. I was washing my cough in the bathroom when I suddenly heard a noise at the door. It seems that someone is picking my lock at the door. So I shouted, "who, what?" Who knows, the thief replied at the door, "what's wrong with staying up so late?" After that, there was no sound. I was at a loss for a moment.

the second time, I was resting at home during the day. When I was surfing the Internet, I suddenly heard a sound coming from the kitchen. I gently walked over and took a look. It turned out that it was a thief who pried into my security doors and windows. I pulled out a kitchen knife and went up to him and said, "what are you going to do? if you don't leave, I'll call the police." The thief put away his tools unhurriedly, and then threw a sentence to me: "you are sick, someone in the family, make a sound!" I worked for a long time in vain. " With that, he turned and walked away. I can't laugh or cry.

the third time, when I was walking alone in the street, a 15-or 16-year-old boy pulled out my pocket. I turned to him and said, "what are you going to take out, kid?" "nonsense, of course it's money," the child replied. I thought he was a child, so I frightened him and said, "I don't have any money, so you don't have to pay any more, or I'll send you to the Public Security Bureau." The child glared at me and said, "if you don't have any money, why are you fierce?" Having said that, I left angrily, and I was so angry that I couldn't speak!

for the fourth time, I felt itchy around the waist on the bus, as if the underwear belt was broken, but I didn't care. When I got off the bus, I heard someone say, "what the heck?" If the banknotes are sewn so firmly and are still in their underwear, how can you get them out of the mall? "

the fifth time, when I came back from a business trip, I just got off the train and found that the zipper of the bag had been unzipped. Open it and see that the information is still there. However, in the blank space of the information, there are several rows of words written by thieves: "if there is no money in such a beautiful bag, how can you be rich if you don't have money in it?" Waste my feelings! "

not long ago, my friend gave me a Beijing bus puppy named Lele. The puppy is all white and pays special attention to hygiene. It never defecates anywhere at home. Every time it is urgent, it will bark "Wang Wang" twice in advance, and then defecate in the tray I have prepared for him, which saves cold trouble. On Sunday morning, I took Lele to the bank. I just finished withdrawing money in the bank's business hall. "Wang Wang." Lele suddenly yelled at me. I know it's going to show respect again. Although this is not our family, we must abide by social morality. When he was in a hurry, he quickly took out the newspaper he had just bought at the newsstand for Lele's convenience. Lele got what she wanted and had a good time. When I was done, I carefully wrapped the pile of waste into a paper bag with a newspaper and walked out with Lele in one hand and Lele in the other, ready to throw it into the dustbin on the street. As soon as I got to the side of the road, I only heard a "quack". A motorcycle slammed on the brakes and stopped beside me. At the moment when I was in a daze, the young man in the sunglasses in the back seat grabbed the paper bag in my hand, accompanied by the roar of the motor, and the motorcycle sped away. I stood by the side of the road for a long time and never woke up. Vaguely heard several passers-by who had just witnessed the scene whisper, "this man is really unlucky. He was robbed as soon as he got out of the bank." Is there tens of thousands? "

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