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Move your favorites

Tuesday on December 20th, 2005Life

Many times, reinstalling the system will forget key favorites, so the long-standing treasures will be washed out. Poor classmate Bai Bing suffered from this misfortune before. Today, when he saw this, he posted it and gave it to the students who had suffered and were about to suffer.

Move your favorites.

By default, favorites are located under " %system%:\Documents and Settings\User Name\Favorites"(%system% refers to the partition where the system is located). To avoid losing favorites during reinstallation, you can transfer them:

Open the Registry Editor (enter: regedit in the Run bar), find [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Current Version\Explorer\User Shell Folders], find and double-click the key value named "Favorites" in the right pane, and enter the path you want your favorites to be located in the window that opens (for example: D:\Favorites). Press "F5" to refresh and exit the registry.

Open IE, and at this time, the system will automatically create a folder called "Favorites" on the D drive. Now, you just need to copy all the files in the original favorites to this "Favorites" folder on the D drive.

Note: Applicable to WINDOWS2000/XP systems.

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