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[Repost] Consider failure more than consider success

Saturday on January 14th, 2006Life

what is the basic premise of starting a business without thinking about advance and retreat first, and no matter how to estimate difficulties

? It's not an investment, it's not a good product. This premise exists in the heart of entrepreneurs.

starting a business is a cruel thing, with 1% of the winners striding over 99% of the losers. And the reason for not being successful may not be because entrepreneurs are not smart or good enough, but just bad luck and bad timing. The ancients said, "if you don't want to advance, you should think about retreat first." this is especially true in the process of starting a business. therefore, at the beginning of starting a business, you should first be mentally prepared for failure, recognize the difficulties in advance, and no matter how conservative you are. In this way, you will not find it so difficult to accept when you encounter hardships and setbacks. An entrepreneur has achieved success after ten years, are you determined to go through the hardships of this decade yourself, even more bitter than him, or even unsuccessful?

strategically speaking, being an enterprise is a great cause, but this great cause is made up of trivial things, difficulties, and problems. As long as you do an enterprise, you have to solve these problems day after day, year after year. In the process of starting a business, many people may laugh at you, or others do better than you, or the product is not developed on time. You encounter more than N problems that make you feel that starting a business is self-torture. If the entrepreneurial impulse only comes from seeing someone else's business go public, sell it and cash it out, and succeed. Never start a business. None of these motivations are enough to sustain a person to the end.

entrepreneurs are "idealists"

to some extent, entrepreneurs should be idealistic and should not be fooled by materialized things. If a person's entrepreneurial motivation is influenced by something external and materialized, today's factor will work, tomorrow's factor will work, and ten years later, nothing will be achieved.

I have also given lectures on campus and communicated with many college students. I found a phenomenon that many graduates are always thinking when looking for a job: I want to go to the north because my girlfriend is in the north. I'm going to this company instead of that company, because it is said that this company's salary is 500 yuan higher than that company, or because someone in our class has gone to that company, can't I go?

these ideas were wrong from the start. Let your career development and life trajectory depend on some external things-do these things matter? What do you want in your heart? What you want to pursue most in your heart, you should think carefully before graduation and pursue it after graduation. In this way, you can walk unswervingly according to a goal, not necessarily in a straight line, but always toward that goal.

when I left founder and left the position and income that looked good at that time, many people thought that this kind of giving up and this kind of courage was rare. In fact, I didn't think it was because I knew very well what I wanted in my heart. What I want to solve is an one-dimensional equation, and there is only one factor that determines my choice, that is, I want to make a software that many people can use. When founder can no longer let me realize this ideal, I choose to leave. If you think about these things clearly, then the position, vested interests, tangible and invisible things are not important.

therefore, the important thing is values. "We are born to be useful, even if we run out of money, we will start all over again." entrepreneurs should have such a mind.


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