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The cat hairball is five years old.

Tuesday on June 30th, 2020Life

wander around another year
in the twinkling of an eye
has been in our house for five years
I remember that when I went out for breakfast in the 16th year and my wife felt sorry for it
more than 10 yuan, I brought it home
walking unsteadily
before weaning
is now a graceful girl
and has become a mother
and gave birth to five lovely cubs
, although I still don't know that these kittens are dads. After checking Mommy's role

, I haven't updated my blog for two months.
doesn't mean that I don't have time to update
, but I don't know where to start after typing

recently I got up early
enjoyed walking in the city before I woke up, and
made people feel impetuous. The pressure is gone without a trace.
whether it's the sky or the earth, It is only at this time that the sense of existence is clear


is the only time when Air
is a thorough self. Nine times out of ten,
"if you get drunk today, you will get drunk tomorrow, and you will worry about tomorrow."

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