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Unexpected surprises and tragedies of fish farming

Wednesday on July 14th, 2021Life

since I bought a fish tank in the market and began to raise fish the day before yesterday, I feel a little "poisoned" in the past two days. The first thing I do when I get home is to see how the fish are like, .

due to the lack of previous experience in fish farming, on the fourth day today, a total of three fish were hung up, two were pumped up and hung up by the pump, and the other one did not know how to hang up. It was a bit inexplicable and could not find the reason. Now there may be a total of 15-18 fish in the tank, mixed mode, a little bit of everything, hey!

I came home from work today and checked the fish tank. There were "surprises" and "tragedies". To my surprise, I found a very small snail on the aquatic plant. I didn't know its name, but I found it only after looking at it carefully, otherwise I couldn't find it at all, it was too small, and I felt like there was another creature in the ecosystem. Tragically, I found another small fish, maybe I couldn't get over it and stuck my head in the gap of the water pump. Alas!

Tonight the feed water pump has been modified, adding a layer of sponge to the inlet and the oil-absorbing film, so as to prevent the fish from making the same mistake again!

over the past two days, I have read some articles on fish farming on the Internet. Most of them suggest raising grass tanks. One is that the ecology is better, but they are more beautiful, but they need a bigger tank, so I don't think about it for the time being. I'll think about it again.

I also looked at other people's sets on the Internet. I went to Taobao and small yellow croaker for more than an hour today. I found that the arrangement of the waterscape, if you want to look good, you still need to spend a sum of money. Small accessories are also expensive, a very small one, all for 10 yuan, tsk!

this thing is just like fishing before, it is also addictive !

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