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The recent development of late-night code words from the first to the eighth day of junior high school.

Sunday on February 2nd, 2020Life

I haven't updated the article for a long time, and it's another late-night codeword series.

the last time the article was updated was "New Year's Eve, January 25." at 00:32 in the morning, let's go to bed early today, mainly because the child went to bed. Tonight, I went to bed early and let my grandmother go to bed with me. I slept in the study by myself. I felt particularly relaxed. The mother of the child went to the hospital dormitory early after the midnight shift tonight. The children at home were noisy and would not have a good rest. At this time, the mother went to the hospital dormitory early after the midnight shift, and the children at home were noisy and would not have a good rest. What they need is enough sleep in order to be steady on the front line of the disease, although they have not been on the real front line of the battlefield, but everywhere is "gunpowder smoke", I respect my wife.

the first day of junior high school

the first day of the first day of this year is to visit the new grave for my father. This is the custom of our place. On the first day of the New year after the death and burial, we need to visit the new grave and pay homage to the dead on the first day of the New year. Originally, this new grave happened to be in the stage of the outbreak of the epidemic. Going to the new grave meant that neighbors and relatives would come to visit Dad's grave. It must be served with a simple meal, otherwise it would appear menacing, and the epidemic would be menacing, but we could not lose this tradition. After all, it was my father, and this was the only time. So I discussed with my mother, everything was simple, and asked relatives and friends to visit my father for a simple lunch to express their wishes. After that, I let everyone break up, and after the epidemic, I would like to entertain you in good health. The guests all expressed their understanding and were very grateful.

the second year of junior high school

send his wife back to the hospital to work in the morning in the second year of junior high school. The epidemic is fierce. As a medical worker, he must be on duty all the time, and his wife is still in the ICU department. Originally, my wife didn't go back until the third year of junior high school, but because of this, I ended my holiday ahead of schedule and went back to the hospital to do my part.

the third year of junior high school

after seeing my daughter-in-law back, I drove back to my hometown. After all, I still need to accompany my family in the New year. The original plan was for my wife, children, me, mother and grandmother to spend the first to third year of junior high school together, and then the fourth to seventh day of junior high school was spent at my mother-in-law's house, but reality did not allow it, so I had to spend it with my mother and grandmother. Chinese families pay attention to a "filial piety", as the saying goes: "parents are there, do not travel." It's a rare year's holiday. It's good to spend time with your family.

I do feel unlucky this year. Kobe Bryant is gone. All of a sudden, I like playing basketball very much. I insist on playing basketball from junior high school to college to the year before I go to work. Suddenly, I still can't believe that such a superstar has passed away. May there be basketball that you love in heaven.

the fourth day of junior high school

I went back to my mother-in-law's house and stayed in the country for one night. My wife's "husband", that is, the second grandfather, came back for the Spring Festival this year. He wanted to live in the country and live a pastoral life, so we all went to the country. They call their grandfather's brothers and sisters "Gong", regardless of men and women, really let me find the brain for a long time. We had dinner together, and the dinner food that day was really good. My grandmother made bacon and pork ribs, fish caught in the pond, and fried chicken. The dishes were delicious. I ate four bowls of rice and a lot of dishes.

the fifth day of junior high school

returned to the city from the countryside and began to live in seclusion. By the way, I brought back my wife's 2004 paintings. I was only 12 years old at that time. Haha.

the epidemic is even more serious on the sixth day of junior high school. We began to find the first patient here, and then all the masks and alcohol were sold out, so we couldn't buy them at all. Fortunately, my wife reminded me to buy these things when the epidemic came out, so we still have stock.

on the seventh day of junior high school

this is the third day I stayed at home. I basically didn't go out. I was finally able to experience that kind of "boredom" and had to take out with my baby. I really felt so bored. Free time is used to brush down the epidemic situation. I believe that the country and Wuhan can pass.

the eighth day of junior high school

in fact, I have seen the news of the Wuhan Red Cross Society since the sixth year of junior high school, which is basically negative. Sometimes I wonder where so many processes come from. It should be given to the front line immediately, ah, the epidemic is so serious that it is not possible to keep accounts after using it first. Now the country all advocates fast access. Don't they know that with some modifications, there are more cases and more deaths every day?. It feels like they are a bunch of jackals, and Han Hong's interview video a few years ago was found to be right, "you want management fees, no problem, but you put the materials I gave to the front line in your warehouse, instead of giving them to the front line right away, then I think you are an asshole." that's right, quite a jerk, at this time, so the Internet says that the Red Cross must be supervised in the future, and I support it.

this year is more deserted than ever before. In terms of major events, I still believe that our country can make the right decision to lead me to victory, not what I believe in. In this world, when such an event occurs, when it comes to testing a nation of a country, we all put the overall situation first, and there are no hurdles that cannot be overcome, so we stay at home, add less chaos to the motherland, and immediately try the peak of the epidemic. So respect for yourself is respect for others and life.

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