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Battle between North and South

Tuesday on April 11th, 2006Life

The PC finally couldn't stand the feeling of a snail and invested heavily in a new server.


CPU CPU: P4 3.0GHz 800M external frequency (Hyper-Threading Support)

memory 1GB DDR400 dual-pass high-speed memory

hard disk 80G 7200 to 8M cache high-speed hard disk


- According to rumors, mobile computer rooms are currently a good solution to the North-South problem. Isn't this backbone network built by telecommunications? I feel like I have moved beyond the Three Realms and not in the Five Elements. Let's experience it this time.

It's really good to have a large space. I don't have to endure the calculation of 10M or 8M to feel the feeling of being a G-class. Immediately installed a SERV-U and checked out a 5G FTP.

He was uploading and downloading non-stop all afternoon, which is called testing. This feeling is a bit like "buy two steamed buns, eat one and I will throw one".

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