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Let's talk about text messages: liars and robbers

Saturday on April 8th, 2006Life

There was a scam about SP before.

Now that I think about it, although these SPs are a bit diverse, they still said hello. Besides, people are smart nowadays. Except for taking a trick or two when it is impossible to guard against it, they will no longer be fooled.

Some people with connections began to rob openly.

In the past few days, I have been receiving news constantly, three or two news every day. Based on our long-term experience in fighting the enemy, there is absolutely no free pie. I must have fallen for it. Think back: I am now immune to spam text messages. During this period, I have never responded to any unfamiliar text messages, and I have not received any information allowing me to try them for a few days for free.

Is it really that good? Release free news?

Thinking about it, I still didn't feel at ease. I checked the phone bill online. Sure enough, the monthly payment was 1931(4.00 yuan). When I checked the Internet, I found that it had a lot of background. Xinhua News 1 from Xinhua Time and Space, a subsidiary of Xinhua News Agency.

XX's, now they have all been changed. Without saying anything, I will deduct your money and let you cover it for a month. Isn't this guy too technical?

It was really too much. I immediately rushed to the Unicom business hall and said: 1931 charged me for a monthly subscription. The salesperson asked for my number without saying a word and said that I would refund my money immediately. Looking at this refunds, it should be so skillful that not only two people have experienced old age. I have been thinking about it when I go out. I am a cautious person who is often secretly stolen and robbed several times from time to time. Others are unclear or do not want to care about this few yuan. There should be a lot of people who care about it.

SP really makes a fortune. There are hundreds of millions of mobile phone users in China Unicom, China Mobile and PHS, and they just find some users to force them to work for a month? I don't know how much it will cost. If this was how many banks and how many armored trucks the bandits wanted to rob, how many times would they be shot?

Robbers are considered robbery, but this is not considered robbery? Alas, this is the current SP theory: Robbing a bank is a robber! How can a monthly subscription from a mobile phone user count as a robbery?

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