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Computers replace the human brain

Thursday on April 6th, 2006Life

Sometimes I wonder if I am too addicted to computers. Many times, I want to do something. Every time, I think of my computer and search the Internet if there is any problem. Almost no one had the habit of thinking, and even forgot that words could not only be typed with a computer, but also written with a pen.

GF needs to fill out an employee registration form, which contains a column, First working time? I asked: What should I fill in here? GF said to fill in the first sentence. Oh, my head didn't turn, I just wrote with a pen. After writing it, I actually filled in three Chinese characters directly: "First Time".

It seems that this weekend's event should be some kind of outing or something. I also let my mouse hand, computer eyes, and robot feet see what color spring is.

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