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Rosewood card sets

Thursday on August 13th, 2020Other

Below me, a few purple sandalwood work card card sets things right, here to talk about my ideas, traditional ideas for reference only, welcome Tucao

1, the first is the definition of the ferrule, it was simply to install condom card.

2, the ferrule effect: a, the chucking is its most basic, b, a beautiful appearance is extending action, c, playing lifting force is further grid (sometimes, not necessarily enhance the force cell, may be some of the people as 2B)

3, the current card sets what kind of market?

Learn ways: a, Baidu direct search, the results are poor, because the poor targeted result, only one channel only.

B, universal Taobao, the results varied, vast amounts of resources for reference, many of the corresponding terminal.

c, 1688 found above wholesale business, corporate purchasing the majority, this is the best understanding of the customer's industry.

d, card sets form their own company's current understanding of unified payment, our company is the most simple transparent PVC.

e, get hold of some of my colleagues to understand the pattern: they change much, because: It's just a bite of it, change the maverick is not appropriate, the other we did not pay much attention to them. Add that fact is a symbol of identity cards, the company should spend more money on it.

4, multi-faceted understanding of Rosewood: Since the idea is to say a friend has made rosewood, it is necessary to understand this wood

As the above Wikipedia, netizens have been summarized very well, and back and forth to read you can have full understanding.

There is a very large question above:

Precautions on use: moisture, water, a little flood damage, the consequences will be bad, (see here my initial sentence of NG)

5, the positioning of the crowd what? 6, price ......

Do not want to write anymore, I think this idea can give up, nothing will be holding a water jacket out playing cards in the chest, yet so delicate (fear of water, fear of the sun), the price is so expensive (three digits), but also the appearance of not necessarily good (look a little bit old-fashioned)

6, but added reed mentioning Rosewood pencil cases can be considered

Finally, write a little:

My parents have said something a long time ago: to sell what's there to buy her. This is a question of quantity, and their metrics.

Finally add: The main platform is large enough, then bad things are there to buy, of course, this is only temporary, is not fun to play bad.

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