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How I want to own liberation

Friday on July 3rd, 2020Life

Woke up this morning, in front of a white one, plus damp fog outside, so the weather really makes people crazy, full of water, not dry clothes, not see the front, emotions are also depressed, and Han also do not want to dry, finally coming to work, back to the empty house, I do not know what to do, I suddenly felt very lonely, very cold room, more of a man feel cold! Chinese New Year, my parents and grandmother are coming here to live, then, thinking about what classes to go home, there is the best to accompany the family, everything else is secondary.

I know you're in the north, I have not been to a city, although every day I know your news, but you're a kite in the sky, inviting your line is not in my hands, maybe you gave me a chance, maybe I was afraid to face, in the face of all of this is not true, so far away from the face, sometimes I hate this myself, maybe I should get back to you, maybe I should go back to reality, but the dream and reality exactly what it was true?

I do not believe the people around, I do not want to put all their unreserved presentation, I was fearful. You and I both love Bobby Chen's song "Beautiful Life", or we are too lonely now! Like listening to folk, to hear their own tears to stay, but life is still nothing changed, when do I get liberated ourselves? You too!

"Private custom" This movie I still give it 4 stars, saw himself three times, I do not know why read so many times, maybe I also love people dream of it! Inside that theme song to "liberate" still good to hear, listen to it!

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