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LifeElementary School Alumni Association

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (9 or above) to play this audio clip. Click here to download the latest version. You need to open your browser's JavaScript support. 5 years, primary school for five years. 22 students will participate for the first time since primary school, everyone's really big cha...
Sunday on September 20th, 20204003 viewsRead more

LifeGoodbye for five years.

Today is September 18, 2020. Write this farewell article on this special day. Tomorrow we will formally leave the company we founded together. Looking back, we have lived through and suffered together for five years, from weakness to brilliance to dissolution. Although we did not survive, although...
Friday on September 18th, 20203878 viewsRead more

LifeOnedrive GoogleDrive

"Don't know whether it's true or not, use it carefully" Onedrive 5T one-click application: GoogleDrive unlimited capacity one-click application:
Friday on September 11th, 20203878 viewsRead more

LifeGossiping about chores in August

is the beginning of a new month. This year has been gone for 8 months, ushering in the first day of September, and the weather is gradually getting cooler. In retrospect, it seems that I have done a lot of things and nothing. Life is so strange! the days are passing day by day. Today, the immortals...
Wednesday on September 2nd, 20203878 viewsRead more

LifeRain-know Lvfeihongshou

Distance to write an article, more than a month has passed, and we have not found life in the bright or sentiment, but also lazy typing, the real idea is not fully expressed through words. No. 3 April passed the test civilization safe driving, but also to get a driver's license, but in fact this ti...
Wednesday on August 26th, 20203999 viewsRead more

LifeA quiet man thinking

In fact, really long time did not write the text friends. Sometimes, a person, I really want to write something, at least I know I have to make my exit a distraction, sometimes, I think blog has been less important, but whenever I am helpless, every when I have to face my own time, I felt I had to...
Wednesday on August 26th, 20203999 viewsRead more

LifeNotes on the days of small essays

it's 00: 03 in the morning, and I'm not sleepy. I got up to take a look at everyone's blog. I also found that a lot of people's articles stopped and changed. N months ago, maybe the days after the epidemic, everyone was back to a busy state, maybe just like me. I actually became lazy. I wanted to w...
Tuesday on August 18th, 20203877 viewsRead more

LifeReach Chengdu to recommend a hotel Bijia apartment hotel

every time I go on a business trip from Luzhou to Chengdu, it hurts to take a bus ride. I don't know when the Luzi interior of the intercity line in southern Sichuan will be opened to traffic in the real sense. Watching the news some time ago, the Luzhou station began to be built, and the platform...
Tuesday on August 18th, 20203879 viewsRead more

Life2019 year

Time flies so fast, blink of an eye 19 years have passed, there are 20 Chinese New Year a few days to review the year, I had felt quite unexamined, many things do not satisfactory, there are many targets are not reached . Work, or the previous people and the environment, but I gradually lost the fi...
Saturday on August 15th, 20204006 viewsRead more

LifeNo place like home round

Last night night, after one o'clock after get off work too, wanted the night to get home, but unfortunately it was too late to go home for fear of waking the family, so sleep a sleep this morning departure back home. Because it is the first day of the National Day holiday, although starting at half...
Saturday on August 15th, 20203998 viewsRead more